Saint Monica

CATHOLIC CHURCH   114 S 4th St Palatka, FL 32177 - (386) 325-9777


A Brief History : Established 1858

St. Monica Church is the third oldest Catholic church in the St. Augustine Diocese.  Located in Palatka, the church was one of the many mission stations administered by the Georgia "horseback priests" of the 1850's. From its earliest years, the parish has served a lively mix of ethnic diversity. Consisting of Irish, German and Spanish immigrants from St. Augustine, the church was ministered from Jacksonville by the plucky Fr. William Hamilton.      


St. Monica, our Patron Saint

Few mothers have had as great a biographer as Saint Monica, but few sons have had as great a mother as Saint Augustine. 


St. Monica Annex

Located on 210 South Fourth Street, Palatka

Office Hours 

Mon, Weds., Thurs. and Friday  

9:00 am –  12:30 pm 

1:00 pm –  4:30 pm

Tuesday                                   1:30 pm –  4:30 pm

St. Monica Grotto

Located outside between the rectory and the church. 


St. Monica Cemetery

Located on the corner of Osceola and Kirby Streets, Palatka, FL


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